T & C’s

How to book and pay for coach travel with Blues On Tour.

  • Our preferred method of booking travel is via our website.
  • Our preferred method of payment is now by BACS (Bank Transfer)
  • Please note Cash payments are no longer accepted unless agreed in advance.
  • Card payments may be made on the coach on the day, but only if agreed beforehand.

Contact Us to discuss payment options further.

  • Do not just arrive on the day as a seat may not be available.
  • All persons booking and travelling with us must be a member. The membership process is now automatically generated during the online ordering process.

Online payments and bookings are secure. No personal details are collected directly by our website when making bookings.

All details that are collected during a booking by Blues On Tour “Southend Away” are for the purpose of booking services and insurance reasons. This is all kept off site securely and reviewed on a regular basis.


Should there be a reason to refund a payment, we will use the same method that you originally paid for the booking.

ie; If you paid via BACS, then we pay back into the same bank account unless you have arranged otherwise and we have authorised another method.

Refunds can take up to 10 working days to show on your bank account statement. This is not our fault, it is a standard banking practice and how they work.

Credits are now avoided at all costs. It is extremely difficult to keep track of them so in most situations a refund will be made.

Terms and Conditions 

For clarification

  • Blues On Tour “Southend Away” was formally known as TravelZone. We are now Travelzone trading as Blues On Tour.
  • We are now an unincorporated association as of July 4th 2019. We now have a committee that jointly make decisions on all matters.
  • A membership program is now used when booking onto our coaches. This is now automated during the checkout process – For further details, please Contact Us.
  • “Committee” is the term used for the group of people who ultimately have the final say on all Blues On Tour “Southend Away” decisions. The committee’s word is final.


1. All seats for away travel must be booked and paid for in advance. Methods of payment are listed within this page.

– 1 (a). Passengers who book and do not show up without a valid reason may be refused a refund.

– 1 (b) If you cancel your seat within 48 hours and have stopped another fellow Shrimper from travelling on our service, you will be charged the full seat price unless we fill the vacant seat. You may also be refused from all future travel. In addition, if you book onto a service and have no intention of of using that service you will be refused travel all future Blues On Tour “Southend Away” services forthwith until it is deemed that said persons are reliable enough to travel with payments charged upfront and if accepted by the committee.

2. All under 16’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

3. Blues On Tour “Southend Away” reserve the right not to accept anyone on its coaches whom it deems unfit to travel’

4. Smoking, including any form of E-Cigarette, is prohibited on any of our coaches.

5. The “Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc.) Act 1985” states that the carrying of alcohol is not permitted on football coaches. If offending items are found this action will be deemed unsatisfactory behaviour and we reserve the right to report it to the relevant authorities. If alcohol or illegal substances are found onboard any coach, it will be removed and left at the side of the road (And the person responsible may find themselves being refused entry back onto the coach for the remainder of the journey). There are various consequences of alcohol being found on the coach. If discovered the fine is not just given to the offending person but to us as organisers, the driver and the coach company which runs into a very large sum. Please abide by the rules. Offenders will have their memberships cancelled and therefore be unable to travel with us in the future.

6. Blues On Tour “Southend Away” does not accept any responsibility, liability for any passenger once they have arrived at the destination and alighted from the coach or prior to boarding.

– 6 (a). Blues On Tour “Southend Away” also does not accept liability for any loss or damage to possessions which passengers bring with them or leave unattended on the coach.

– 6 (b). Passengers’ vehicles left at or near the pick-up points are left at the owner’s risk and will be their responsibility for any damage or loss incurred

7. The conduct of passengers should not be inappropriate and sully the good name of Blues On Tour “Southend Away” or Southend United football club or any linked group/organisation of Southend United. We are a family orientated club and as such often have young children on the coach so respectable behaviour is expected at all times.

– 7 (a). Abusive behaviour, disrespectful or foul language and racism will not be tolerated.

– 7 (b). We reserve the right to refuse anyone travel on our coaches.

– 7 (c). Any person(s) committing illegal acts of any type may be reported to relevant authorities. This would also include Southend United Football Club and other groups that organise coach travel.

8. Please return to your coach promptly after the game.

9. Passengers are requested to leave the coach in the condition they found it i.e. clear of rubbish

10. We reserve the right in some situations to amend coach details, times, pick up points and pricing. Where possible, suitable notice to travellers will be given.

11. All personal contact details are kept securely and not shared with any third party, although we do publish the travellers League table, name and miles travelled, If you wish that your name is not used to show how many miles you have covered following our club then please e-mail, text or call one of the committee members and we will withdraw your name off the tables.



Please be advised to adhere to these terms and conditions.

Updated August 2021 V3.4


Blues On Tour “Southend Away” is recorded as an Official Football Supporters Travel Group in the eyes of the law.
Blues On Tour “Southend Away” is not the official supporters club for Southend United. The Shrimpers Trust are.