Blues Quiz No:1



WELL DONE – YOUR A SUPERSTAR and get promoted to chief know it all 🙂

You can shout VAR all day, but the screen does not lie 😉

#1 Simon Cox was Blues top scorer for 3 seasons, but when was the striker brought off the bench to replace Theo Robinson during the first game of the 2019/20 season at St. Andrews

#2 Who was Blues top goal scorer during the 2001/02 Season ?

#3 Who was Blues top goal scorer of the 2013/14 season ?

#4 Charlie Kelman made headlines for scoring a 92nd minute goal during the 2018/19 season. But who were Blues opponents ?

#5 When did Southend United become a Limited Company ?

#6 Who’s the star ?

#7 Steve Tilson first took the role as caretaker manager in 2003, but in which year was he born ?

#8 Alan McCormack received how many red cards during the 2007/08 season ?

#9 Most league appearances for Southend United ?

#10 Blues biggest defeat was 1-9 in November 1965, but who were the team we played for that score line ?

#11 In relation to the last question, in which league were Southend United playing during that defeat ?

#12 Which league were the Blues in during the 1984/85 season ?

#13 What is the pitch size at Roots Hall Stadium ?

#14 Kevin Maher was born in –

#15 Spot the ball

#16 Which 3 players share their birthdays in the month of September /

#17 The 2019/20 season started with a pre-season home win against Millwall. Who scored Blues only 2 goals ?

#18 Divison three saw a Southend win at home to Boston United in 2002, but who scored a hat trick of headers for the blues ?

#19 Southend have played Norwich a total of 64 times, but what was the score at their last meeting in 2010 ?

#20 In which year did Chris Powell first play for Southend United ?

#21 Stan Collymore signed for the Blues in :

#22 Name the player now turned to the microphone ?

#23 1978/79 Top goal scorer ?

#24 Fewest draws for Southend in a league season ?

#25 Shaun Goater’s real first name is :