Top Goal Scorers

The table below shows the top goal scorers per season

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SeasonPlayer(s)Goals ScoredNotes
1906/07Not known
1907/08Not known
1908/09Not known
1909/10Not known
1910/11Not known
1911/12Not known
1912/13Not known
1913/14Not known
1914/15Not known
1915/19No games played due to suspension of league (WW1)
1919/20Not known
1920/21Albert Fairclough15
1921/22Jimmy Evans10All 10 of Jimmy Evans goals were scored via penalties
1922/23Billy Goodwin22
1923/24Billy Goodwin11
1924/25Jimmy McClelland21
1925/26William Shaw21
1926/27Billy Hick29
1927/28Billy Hick26
1928/29Jimmy Shankly35
1929/30Fred Baron22
1930/31Jimmy Shankly28
1931/32Jimmy Shankly20
1932/33Jack Morfitt21
1933/34Leo Stevens21
1934/35Harry Johnson22
1935/36Harry Lane17
1936/37Billy Dickinson19
1937/38Tudor Martin18
1938/39Alf Smirk18
1939/40*Sam Bell, Jack Ormandy and one own goal3 goals scored (One per named player and one OG).*1939/45 – The Football League and FA Cup were suspended until after the Second World War
1939/45****1939/45 – The Football League and FA Cup were suspended until after the Second World War
1945/46Alf Smirk1Alf Smirk scored the only goal in the FA Cup first round against Watford on Saturday 17th November 1945 (Away 1-1 Draw). Southend United later went on to lose in the 2nd round against the same opponent on Saturday 24th Novemebr 1945. The scored was 0-3 seeing Southend exit the cup.
1946/47Cyril Thompson27
1947/48Cyril Thompson14
1948/49Frank Dudley12
1949/50Albert Wakefield28
1950/51Les Stubbs19
1951/52Albert Wakefield21
1952/53Cyril Grant13
1953/54Ken Bainbridge12
1954/55Roy Hollis32
1955/56Roy Hollis26
1956/57Roy Hollis20
1957/58Sammy McCrory33
1958/59Bud Houghton20
1959/60Dudley price29
1960/61Peter Corthine, Jim Fryatt16
1961/62Ken Jones13
1962/63Ken Jones19
1963/64Mike Beesley13
1964/65Bobby Gilfillan23
1965/66Eddie Firmani20
1966/67Ray Smith19
1967/68Phil Chisnall, John McKinven17
1968/69Billy Best31
1969/70Billy Best24
1970/71Billy Best22
1971/72Bill Garner26
1972/73Chris Guthrie15
1973/74Stuart Brace20
1974/75Chris Guthrie17
1975/76Peter Silvester23
1976/77Stuart Parker16
1977/78Derrick Parker23
1978/79Derrick Parker12
1979/80Derrick Parker10
1980/81Derek Spence21
1981/82Keith Mercer13
1982/83Steve Phillips20
1983/84Steve Phillips17
1984/85Steve Phillips23
1985/86Richard Cadette25
1986/87Richard Cadette30
1987/88David Crown17
1988/89David Crown29
1989/90David Crown23
1990/91Brett Angell26
1991/92Brett Angell23
1992/93Stan Collymore18
1993/94Ricky Otto15
1994/95Gary Jones, Andy Thomson11
1995/96Dave Regis9
1996/97Andy Rammell10
1997/98Jeroen Boere14
1998/99Rob Newman8
1999/2000Martin Carruthers19
2000/01Ben Abbey, Martin Carruthers, David lee10
2001/02Tes Bramble13
2002/03Mark Rawle12
2003/04Leon Constantine25
2004/05Freddy Eastwood24
2005/06Freddy Eastwood25
2006/07Freddy Eastwood16
2007/08Nicky Bailey12
2008/09Lee Barnard11
2009/10Lee Barnard17
2010/11Barry Corr21
2011/12Ryan Hall14
2012/13Britt Assombalonga, Gavin Tomlin16
2013/14Barry Corr13
2014/15Barry Corr16
2015/16Jack Payne9
2016/17Simox Cox16
2017/18Simox Cox10
2018/19Simox Cox15